The MTC Policy Paper "Maritime Transport and Future Policies - Perspectives from the North Sea Region" officially launched during the Joint Annual Conference in Bremerhaven 18th June 2012.

This paper is a compilation of results generated by the North Sea Region Programme project Maritime Transport Cluster in 2011/12. It comprises an analysis of all active 14 transport related projects within this programme, maritime transport research and the results of a consultation with the maritime industry in the North Sea Region.

In short, this paper offers a holistic perception and represents a common voice for stakeholders of the Interreg IV B North Sea Region Programme on maritime transport, enriched by the challenges, opportunities and experiences of the maritime industry.

The intention of this paper is to provide a coordinated and comprehensive picture of the hot topics for maritime transport in the North Sea Region and to present concrete recommendations for the Members of the European Parliament, the European Commission and the countries in the North Sea Region (EU Member States and Norway). In this way the paper is intended to act as an inspiration and to contribute to discussions on future EU cohesion and transport policy developments, thereby providing a common North Sea Region voice on these issues.

Ten main themes were identified and they bring together a wide range of important and sometimes differing perspectives from within the sector. Namely these themes are:

  1. A Leading Maritime Region
  2. Efficient Transport
  3. Smart Solutions
  4. Combining the Modes
  5. Infrastructure – the Solid Base
  6. Planning the North Sea Region
  7. Green Maritime Transport
  8. Research and Knowledge Management
  9. Working in the Transport Sector
  10. Maritime Business Perspectives