The ‘Maritime Transport Cluster (MTC)’ was approved in June 2011 and has a total Budget of 652,850 €. The cluster lifetime extend to 1.5 years and will end in December 2012. MTC applies the cluster idea to the maritime transport sector, thus bridging between obtained results from ongoing Interreg IVB projects dealing with maritime transport issues and new business trends from the maritime industry as well as with EU transport policy development. The overall goal of MTC is building a structure for interchanging latest knowledge and experiences concerning maritime transport in the context of the Interreg IVB NSRP. Furthermore the MTC project intends to develop the common voice of the Interreg IV B NSRP on maritime transport. By applying the cluster idea to the maritime transport sector the MTC project aims at the following:

•To establish an MTC network covering all NSR transport projects as a platform for discussions and exchange.  
•To identify synergies between the NSR project results and to consolidate these into main programme outcomes on transport.  
•To match the programme outcomes and discuss them with the business environment.  
•To match programme outcomes and business trends and connect them to policy development.  
•To compose a policy advice based on the NSR experiences to contribute to the discussions on future EU transport policy developments.  

To structure, the work between the involved partners as well as the applied course-of-action will reflect the objectives set out in five correlated work packages:

  • WP 1 Project Management
  • WP 2 Visualisation and Communication
  • WP 3 Analyses and Consolidation (Project level)
  • WP 4 Market Derived Perspectives (Business level)
  • WP 5 Policy Perspectives and Advice (Policy level)

The status of the maritime transport sector and its environment in the EU will be analysed based on a close collaboration among the NSR projects. The analysis will be conducted at project level encompassed with insights from relevant EU funding programmes and transport research (WP3). Findings of this analysis will be discussed first with the business level (WP 4). Through this discussion business trends in maritime transport should be identified and linked to the previous outcomes. Both results will serve as input to the discussions with relevant policy makers and sector organisations on national and European level (WP5).

The MTC consortium consists of:

Lead Partner: Port of Hamburg Marketing (DE)
Partners: Association of Danish Transport and Logistics Centres (DK)
  Flemish Ministry of Mobility and Public Works (BE)
  Hamburg University of Technology (DE
  Transport Research Institute, Edinburgh Napier University (UK)
  NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NL)
  Norwegian Coastal Administration (NO)
  Norwegian Mapping Authority, Hydrographic Service (NO)


Following Interreg IVB NSRP projects are involved through the partnership:



MTC is kindly supported by: